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US History Resources: Home

A guide for students writing US History research papers.

US History I & II Resources

On this page, you will find all the resources you will need to find and cite reliable sources for your US History research paper.

If you need help, you can stop by the Library or email Don't wait until the last minute!

Historical Topics Databases

Contemporary Topics Databases

Logging into the Databases from Home


From school, clicking on any of the database links will get you directly in to any database.

From home, you need login credentials. These are subscription databases, which means that someone (either the state of NJ or Northern Highlands) has paid for you to have access, so you have to prove that you are entitled to access them. Click on the image below to access the Google Doc containing the passwords. You must be signed in with a Northern Highlands account to view these passwords.



Having trouble? Email the librarian at, or stop by the Library.

How to Save Links in Databases

Unlike those of a free website, database URLs are dynamic. That means that they change, so if you copy and paste a URL from a database into a Google Doc, the link will not work.

Permanent links are found in different places in different families of databases. The table below will show you where to find permanent links to the database pages you want to visit again. 

Permanent links
Company Look for Screenshot

Get link
in upper right corner


near the end of the list
on the right 


Record URL

Scroll to the bottom of the page



Link on the left, below the image of the journal.

Proquest In the top right corner, click All Options. You will see the link on the top of the page.


Help! My Teacher Is Making Us Work in Groups!

Working in collaborative groups can be challenging! Here is a short, animated video that describes the benefits of collaborative projects, tips for organizing your group, and how to deal with common problems that arise when students work together. Watch it with your group and discuss! Then develop a plan for getting the work done well, fairly, creatively, and maybe even enjoyably!

Ask OWL!

How to Locate Books


Get Organized! Stay Organized!

In Freshman Seminar, all ninth graders created a NoodleTools account. If you have forgotten the username and password you created for NoodleTools, click on the "Forgot Password" link to reset it. If that doesn't work, see the librarian. She can look up your login credentials and get you access to your account.

Remember that NoodleTools has useful project management tools to help your group organize tasks, stay on top of deadlines, and take accurate notes you can easily sort into an outline. Use the resources available to you!

If you have any questions about citations or using any of the features in NoodleTools, stop by the Library.


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