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Finding Short Fiction: A Guide for English Teachers: Home

This guide is primarily for English teachers looking for short stories that meet certain curricular needs.

Finding Short Fiction: A Guide for English Teachers

In addition to searching for anthologies and single-author short story collections on the shelves or in the library catalog, you can search for short fiction in our databases. Here are the links, plus search tips. To access them from home, use these passwords

This link (the graphic is also linked) is a customized search of the full-text short stories in both Academic Search Premier (which I showed on our PD day) and Literary Reference Center (which I didn't). This search returns over 40,000 full-text short stories from 1814 to the present.

You can use the features on the left to narrow your search down to, for example, stories published since 2010 (10,000+ stories), or click on Publication to include or exclude certain sources.

While you can try to use the Subject or Subject Thesaurus limiters, I wouldn't advise it. As we saw with the Haruki Murakami story, "The Year of Spaghetti," the indexing for fiction lacks a certain subtlety.

Literary Reference Center alone has gender and ethnicity limiters in its advanced search, but I've played with them, and they don't work for short fiction at all. Short stories aren't indexed that way.


This link (the graphic is also linked) takes you to the Works Search page for Gale Literature Resource Center. Check the "Full Text of Work Available" box, then use the dropdown menu to select "Short Story."

Then use the other dropdown menus to select the desired century, and author gender, nationality, or ethnicity, and click Search. 



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