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Learning About Diversity @ Your Library

A list of books and other resources in the Northern Highlands Collection.

Thoughts to get started

Our Professional Organizations Are On It!

Almost every organization involved in teaching and learning is working to conduct research and provide resources for educators who need to create more inclusive classrooms. Here are some subject-specific organizations. I have included links, searches, or guidance on how to locate the DEI resources on each organization's website, but please view these links merely as starting points. These are multi-layered websites with publications, resources, conference proceedings, and much more to explore. 

Here are DEI resources for teachers of any subject. 

Northern Highlands Is On It!

Awards do some of the work for you

Databases as selection tools

All of our Northern Highlands databases are excellent resources for finding articles, videos, podcasts, images, short stories, and more. If you tell me what you're looking for, I can show you how to find it and share it with students. If you are looking for articles about teaching particular topics, try your search in this EBSCO custom search widget to get started. 


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