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Vegetables!: Home

Resources for Mrs. Perlman's Vegetable project in Foods.



Logging into the Databases from Home

From school, clicking on any of these links will get you directly to any database.
From home, it's a little trickier. These are subscription databases, which means that someone (either the state of NJ or Northern Highlands) has paid for you to have access, so you have to prove that you are entitled to access them.
For Gale, Infobase, Proquest, JSTOR, and Oxford databases, use the following login credentials:
UserID: nhrhs
Password: highlanders


For EBSCO databases, use:
UserID: nhrhs
Password: highlanders21!


If you have any difficulty logging in, please email the librarian @, or stop by the Library.

How to Save Links in Databases

Unlike those of a free website, database URLs are dynamic. That means that they change, so if you copy and paste a URL from a database into a Google Doc, the link will not work.

Permanent links are found in different places in different families of databases. The table below will show you where to find permanent links to the database pages you want to visit again. 

Permanent links
Company Look for Screenshot
Gale Get link
EBSCO Permalink

Record URL

Scroll to the bottom of the page

Proquest   Use the URL as you would with an ordinary website.


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