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Graphic Design for Social Issues: Home

Everything you will need to create an advertising campaign for a non-profit organization for Ms. Albano's Graphic Design class.

Assignment Description


Your mission is to create a poster series for a non-profit organization that promotes a social issue. But before you can help your organization, you need to understand the issue.

To select an issue, begin by browsing Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Click the various categories to see issues relating to something you're interested in. If you're more interested in international issues, browse Global Issues in Context instead.


In either, start by reading the Overview Essay, then skip down to Reference, Statistics, Newspapers, Magazines, Audio, Video, and Images. Once you have a good understanding of the issue, scroll back up to Viewpoints to see a variety of perspectives on it. Finish by looking at the suggested websites, which might be the very organizations for which you are designing the ad campaign.

If you'd like even more information about the issue, search it in Academic Search Premier.


Once you have chosen an organization, check it out in Charity Navigator (which you probably used in Freshman Seminar) to make sure the organization you have chosen is legitimate and makes good use of its donations. 

Finally, look at the Ad Council website for ideas about how to make compelling advertisements for the public good. 


The other resources are here to help you easily access and cite your sources.

Research the Issues

Logging into the Databases from Home


From school, clicking on any of the database links will get you directly in to any database.

From home, you need login credentials. These are subscription databases, which means that someone (either the state of NJ or Northern Highlands) has paid for you to have access, so you have to prove that you are entitled to access them. Click on the image below to access the Google Doc containing the passwords. You must be signed in with a Northern Highlands account to view these passwords.



Having trouble? Email the librarian at, or stop by the Library.

How to Save Links in Databases

Unlike those of a free website, database URLs are dynamic. That means that they change, so if you copy and paste a URL from a database into a Google Doc, the link will not work.

Permanent links are found in different places in different families of databases. The table below will show you where to find permanent links to the database pages you want to visit again. 

Permanent links
Company Look for Screenshot

Get link
in upper right corner


near the end of the list
on the right 


Record URL

Scroll to the bottom of the page



Link on the left, below the image of the journal.

Proquest In the top right corner, click All Options. You will see the link on the top of the page.


NoodleTools Instant Database Citations

Instantly export database citations to NoodleTools

1. Log in to your NoodleTools account. (Forgot your login info? Contact the librarian.)

2. Create or open a project. 

3. Follow the instructions for exporting a citation from each kind of database. Find the article you want, and then:


Gale Click Cite  at the top right of the page, then select "Export to NoodleTools." 
EBSCO Click on the right-hand menu, then click . Select the last item in the list, which is 
JSTOR Click in the left-hand menu. Scroll down past the three citations and select , the first item on the list.


Click  directly under the article title. Then click .
PROQUEST Click  in the upper right menu. Scroll down past the citation. You do NOT need to change the citation format at the top! Select , then Continue on the next screen.


4. Refresh your Sources page, and there you will see a perfectly-formatted MLA citation.

5. To print or export all your sources into a pre-formatted Works Cited page, select the printer icon at the top of your Sources page, then choose what program you want your citations exported to.


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Learn About Nonprofits



"The Ad Council is the only organization that uses communications to solve social issues at scale. We’re committed to strengthening the health, education and safety of our country. Our proven model amplifies our partners’ reach and investment, exponentially maximizing our collective social-good impact."




 "Since 2001, [Charity Navigator has] been empowering millions of donors by providing them with free access to data, tools, and resources to guide philanthropic decision-making. Through our ratings, nonprofits are equipped with the nonprofit sector's premier trust indicator and a powerful platform to raise awareness and funds."